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(炎刀「銃」, Entō Jū, [Flame Sword, Gun]) is one of the Deviant Blades. A pair of pistols, one a blue six-chambered revolver and the other a red semi-automatic that holds eleven bullets, both are in the possession of Princess Hitei and used by her retainer, Emonzaemon Sōda. Each is decorated with a long flowing mane with a bead on its end. It is the most automatic blade with the ability to consecutively shoot down enemies from a distance.


Entō Jū is not really a "sword" to begin with, it is a future long-ranged weapon based off of western technology such as the revolver and the glock .


Entō Jū is known as the flame sword, the final blade of the twelve. It is presumed that this 'sword' could be able to defeat all forms of sword techniques, since range has always been an advantage in sword fighting. Despite having immense fire-power, it seems to have no problem with running out of ammo, as Emonzaemon Sōda has never been seen reloading it.


The kanji '炎刀' means "flame sword" or "blaze sword". It also mean inflammation.


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