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Gekoku Castle

Gekoku Castle

Gekoku Castle (下酷城, Gekoku Shiro) is a deserted castle in the middle of a vast desert. The land once flourished until it fell victim to desertification forcing the people to leave the area. Only Ginkaku Uneri resides in the castle in a small enclosed room where he slays anyone who dares step through the door. Togame tried to strike a deal with Unrei to surrender the sword for anything he wanted and that was to see the land restored to its flourishing beauty. However, Togame claims that is impossible even for the Shogunate.

After Shichika Yasuri's fight with Unrei concludes he questions if there is a way that the land can be restored, which Togame says is impossible as the forces of nature cannot be controlled by man and that the castle will eventually be buried by the desert.

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