Kuizame Maniwa (真庭 喰鮫, Maniwa Kuizame) is a member of the Fish Squad.


Despite being practically a murderer in a ninja outfit, he respects Kamakiri Maniwa, according to Chōchō Maniwa.

  • Nickname: Chain-Bind Kuizame (鎖縛の喰鮫, Sabaku no Kuizame)




Volume ThreeEdit

After overhearing Meisai Tsuruga asking Shichika Yasuri about what the latter fought for, Kuizame admits proudly that he himself fights for money and nothing else. He is killed by Meisai after she bypasses his Ninpō.


He wields a pair of chains, a sword attached to each one.

  • Ninpō: Uzugatana - This technique allows Kuizame to swing his sword-tipped chains around him effortlessly.


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