Migiri Yasuri (Yasuri Migiri) was the wife of Mutsue Yasuri, and the mother of Shichika Yasuri and Nanami Yasuri.


Little is known about her personality, but she assisted in poisoning and restraining Nanami's power, hinting that her personality might be similar to that of her husband Mutsue's stoicism.


Migiri Yasuri is a tall, slender women with long, dark green hair, her dress shows designs of a peacock. 


Not much is known about her except that she was allegedly killed by her husband Mutsue, an act which led to his exile.


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Yasuri Family
Family Heads First Head: Kazune Yasuri • Sixth Head: Mutsue Yasuri • Seventh Head: Shichika Yasuri
Other Members Migiri YasuriNanami Yasuri

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