Takahito Hida (飛弾 鷹比等, Hida Takahito) was the leader of the last rebellion and the late father of Togame.


According to Rinne Higaki, he was quite cheeky and lively just like his daughter, but he also had an honorable side, since he sacrificed himself for the sake of history and his daughter.


Takahito was a handsome young man with dark green, shoulder-length hair and heterochromia, meaning he had one red eye and one green eye. His armor was primarily shades of green, yellow, and red, and seemed to be modelled after an owl.


He was killed in front of a young Togame by Mutsue Yasuri inside Hida Castle, which turned her hair white, and inspired her to collect the Deviant Blades. He realized the plan of Kiki Shikizaki, which was to alter history, so he spent his life trying to restore it, thus the creation of the rebellion. In the end however, he failed, resulting in his death. His last words to Togame were that he loved her very much.


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